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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - Switch eShop Code

Nintendo Switch | Nintendo eShop
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Informazioni sul prodotto

Attivazione Nintendo eShop
Sistema Nintendo Switch
Lingua DE, ES, FR, IT, UK
Genre Avventura, Azione, GdR / Giochi di ruolo
Spedizione Digital
Disponibilità Prenotazione
fascia d'età Classifica PEGI 12
Data di rilascio

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Descrizione del prodotto

Note: You will receive a download code after purchase. A wireless internet connection is required to redeem the code and download the game on your Nintendo Switch Console.

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About the game

Hunters of all generations unite in Monster Hunter™ Generations! In this sprawling action RPG, customise your warrior with powerful new skills and abilities, venture out into the wild and battle against an unruly roster of ferocious monsters!

In a tribute to over a decade of Monster Hunter, beasts and locations from previous adventures return alongside brand new monsters to fell and domains to roam.

This time around, seasoned players can jump straight into the action, whereas new players will be gently introduced to the game world with a series of specially designed missions that allow them to master their Monster Hunter skills at their own pace.


Slay in style

Take up your weapon of choice and use it to protect four struggling settlements from a quartet of brutes known as The Fated Four. Tailor your abilities in new ways and choose one of four Hunting Styles to bolster your strategic options. You can also acquire Hunter Arts and unleash spectacular special moves to evade, counter and overcome enormous enemies!


Meow the merrier

Felynes have always been a hunter’s best friend, and for the first time ever, they’re joining the hunt themselves! You can play as a Prowler, fighting as a Felyne warrior and using your new abilities to support your fellow hunters in battle!


A monster roster

A huge ensemble of gargantuan creatures – some fan favourites, others never before seen in the West – await those looking for a challenge in this generational mash-up! Face off against these fearsome foes solo or band together with up to three fellow explorers locally or online* to stalk, track and conquer your prey.


Rise up the ranks!

However you choose to pursue your quarry, there are scores of quests – and monsters – for those eager to carve their way through this adventure. Best these beasts across vast landscapes and harsh terrains, then use your spoils to craft new equipment and augment your weaponry to take on even greater goliaths!

Requisiti di sistema


  • Using the download codes requires accepting the terms and conditions of Nintendo.
  • The download code can only be used with an European account and the European version of the Nintendo console.
  • The game can only be played on the Nintendo console where it was originally downloaded using the download code.
  • The download will be available on the release date.


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